Send Us A Referral

Please use the following options for your referrals:

  1. Fax the home health order from the physician to (214) 441-0291. The home health order can be done on your own document or you can use our quick referral form: Quick Referral Form

Our Partnership with Providers

Lone Star Home Health understands that the services provided by a home health care company represent an extension of a Physician's care. We take the trust that our referral sources place in us very seriously. Whether you are a Physician, Case Manager, Discharge Planner or Social Worker, Lone Star Home Health is focused on delivering the superior customer service, timely communication and top-level patient healthcare that you would expect from a home health care company and which will make your patients happy with your referral.

What Makes Lone Star Home Health Different?


    • For over 7 years, Lone Star Home Health has been ranked as one of the Top 500 agencies in the nation. We take great pride in this achievement duly based on the fact that the largest criteria considered is directly correlated to the progression of the patient's health from beginning of our care to the point the patient is well enough to care for themselves. To put this ranking in perspective, there are over 9000 agencies in the United States.


    • Lone Star is keen on the fact that we never want to get "too big." Lone Star Home Health makes an effort to keep our patient census at an optimal level in hopes of never losing the family touch with each and every one of our patients. We will never let patients become just numbers in a database.


    • In business for over 14 years, Lone Star is an agency currently operating through the founders of the company. With an ever-changing world, a presence from the "old way of things" alongside the modern way of business provides us with a skill-set that purely carries over to the quality of care we provide. With multiple buy-out offers from large corporations in the past, we remain insistent on running our own agency.